The Top 10 Free Android Games For Pre-Christmas!

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The Top 10 Free Android Games For Pre-Christmas!

The Top 10 Free Android Games For Pre-Christmas

Everyone is currently in the period of pain as we await for the new games for all our favorite gaming devices. The best remedy for this constant pain is diving face-first into the best new Android mobile games, assuming they are free!

There are also millions of games, even free ones, currently available on the Google Play store. Likewise, there are another million available for side-loading. This article will walk you through the Top 10 free Android games you can get sucked into and essentially time-travel to that sweet Christmas day!

Note: As if our reader was our friend, we will dabble in every gaming sector, so everyone will find something worth playing! From FPS to Tower Defense, let’s see what’s up!

Pre-Christmas 2020 List: Top 10 Free Android Games

#1 Genshin Impact

Wow. This game alone truly is all you need. It is a deadly combination of the original Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Diablo 2, and Super Mario 64. At the same time, it’s placed inside this hyper-real Anime-style artistic world where you and up to 4 Characters engage in a real-time battle-loaded, magic-filled adventure.

Even the story of the game is as compelling as a modern-day Zelda. This game is so good that it’s only temporarily free and will soon switch to a paid-only version. Players who get in now will get the game for free! The character development and cross-character combination of spells create beautiful, complicated real-time battles that will certainly have your hands sweating at 144hz.

#2 Among Us

This game is all over YouTube and Twitch, so it’s safe to assume you know exactly what this game is by now: even politicians are getting in on the action. It’s still an entertaining game that stands out as a unique and highly-social experience that might fit your exact needs – depending on how quarantined you are by your loving local government.

#3 Call of Duty

Still a classic First-Person Shooter game that has nothing but new maps, new weapons, new side-items, and new skins for you to customize your character. This game really gives almost unfair advantages to people who have true Gaming Phones that include Shoulder Trigger buttons. Not to mention, the game becomes a lot more fun when your phone truly turns into a handheld gaming device.

#4 SiegeUp!

Haven’t played a Tower Defense game in a while? This might be your chance to get back into the action with this modern title. If you’ve played one Tower Defense game, you’ve played them all, but that’s the beauty of it! Stop the bad guys from getting to your base, earn revenue from stopping them, and reinforce your defense in this semi-addicting time-killer!

#5 PUBG Mobile

A surprising amount of people still haven’t played the original PUBG but went directly into Fortnite. The game still stands up against the test of time, especially for those who haven’t played it, and can provide hundreds of gaming fun hours. Very similar in development and upgradability to Call of Duty titles, it’s essentially the same thing, but optionally from the 3rd Person perspective.

#6 House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation

Haven’t heard of this one? If you are a gamer or an ex-gamer who feels like you’ve grown up, this might be doubly-interesting for you. This is a game where you actually get a chance to become accustomed to the inevitable world of home-ownership and practice real-life upgrade scenarios. Like in real life, these upgrades cost in-game time and money but naturally reflect in the higher price of the home. Your goal is to become a tried and true home-flipper, acquire and upgrade as many houses as you can, and these fixer-uppers can get you ready for the real thing.

#7 Pokemon Go – Updated

Since its inception, this controversial intelligence-agency-backed title has shocked the world. Now, years later, the game has undergone many massive rebuilds and upgrades. Especially during the quarantine, it’s actually possible to play this game from your home now and catch your favorite Pokémon like your inner-child years for!

#8 Roblox

This seems like a niche-game, and it certainly is, but there is a reason it’s become so popular. This maddeningly wild free-for-all game has almost no purpose whatsoever, like life itself! Children dominate the game, but there is still some magic to escaping all your adult-world problems and returning to a wonderfully optimistic world where the only thing that can hurt you are the verbal insults others throw your way. Not to mention, you can build just about anything your brain desires!

#9 State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Some of us miss the horror days of our past and yearn for a modern mobile version of our favorite nightmare: a Zombie apocalypse! This game does the concept of justice and can help you delve into your Zombie-apocalypse dreams and struggle to survive.

You will be building and expanding your fallout shelter and rummage through the wreckage of society to collect what you can for your time left! The waves of zombies get increasingly more difficult, but so will your bases preparedness and your overall toolset!

#10 Egg, Inc.

This is a new title that recently got the Editors Choice, and is similar to a Sim City style simulator where you run and grow the world’s most adorable chicken-farm. Grow a rapid army of chickens, lay those eggs, and.. COCHADOODLEDOO!


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