Nubia Red Magic 6 Review: Should You Buy The Gaming Phone of Pros?

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Nubia Red Magic 6 Review: Should You Buy The Gaming Phone of Pros?

Nubia Red Magic 6 Review: Should You Buy The Gaming Phone of Pros?
The Gamer's Conclusion
This phone, in literally any version of it, is still the best phone available, and the newer versions with the faster chip is better, but honestly pointless. There are no games that benefit from the headroom the new 888-Gen-1 chip offers, and the phone and it's custom software along with its 144hz screen and the freaking shoulder buttons means it's honestly not even fair to play against!
Shoulder Buttons
Reader Rating1 Vote
The Good
The huge screen.
The 144hz panel.
The epic dual-speakers.
The custom game-enhancing(cheating?) software.
The Bad
It's hard to find and often sold out. Expect to wait for the next generation to get it if it's already sold out.
The Final Score
Check It Out!

With an incredible processor performance, 165Hz AMOLED screen, and a long-lasting battery, Nubia’s new Red Magic 6 performs like a beast. We will review every detail in this Red Magic 6 review and explain why it’s taken our #1 spot as the best overall gaming phone. Yes, we recommend it more than the Asus ROG Phone 5, which we find is overpriced but powerful nonetheless.

Mobile phones have evolved tremendously over the years. Now, they’re used more than to connect with others through texting or calling. They have quickly become a source of entertainment by installing gaming apps that continue to appeal to users of all ages. Unfortunately, not all phones are designed for heavy gaming. But, if you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a mobile device to meet your needs, you might want to check out Nubia’s Red Magic 6. It has literally the same specs as the ROG Phone 5 nearly, but at a fraction of the price.

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Taking a Closer Look at Nubia’s Red Magic 6

Nubia brings every user’s mobile gaming experience to the next level with Red Magic 6. It is a serious gaming phone packed with a wide variety of features and specs. In fact, it probably has more add-on parts than your new car.

With great performance and power, the tech company is not playing around with this gaming phone. The new Red Magic 6 is ideal not only for hardcore gamers who play hours and hours a day. Those looking for a powerful device that will allow them to take captivating photos through their mobile phone can also take full advantage of Red Magic 6.

The Most Spec-Heavy Phone For Gaming In 2020

The Red Magic 6 Review: Evolution of a Gaming Phone King

You can play games on almost every phone nowadays, but gaming phones did not practically exist. Although mobile phones allow users to play games online and offline – they were not primarily designed for it. However, Nubia started to change this assumption by introducing the Red Magic 6 series.

We here at launched our original review of the first of the Red Magic series in December 2018, and less than a year later, the Red Magic 6 was announced. The latter is similar to its predecessor in terms of design, but it boasts a 165Hz AMOLED display and a brand-new processor, a step up in every aspect. A monster battery of 5050 mAH from 4000 mAH is also a huge boost.

Although some of its features remain the same, you can see the difference between the two versions in just one look. Whichever Red Magic 6 phone you choose, you are guaranteed to get a device with heavy specs inside – either Pro or regular. For the second Red Magic 6, it is noticeable that the tech company has gone a step further in so many ways. Discover what’s new with the latest Red Magic 6 below.

Unique Phone Design of the Red Magic 6 Pro

Overall, Nubia has retained the individual, striking look of the first Red Magic 6 phone for the sequel, but it made a few alterations to make it more visually appealing. When you first look at both phones, they practically seem very similar with asymmetrical designs that are dominated by attractive circuit board lines. The angled lines that tend to reflect light give the back of the phone a unique sci-fi look.

But, the big difference between the phones comes down to their size. Although both phones are thick and tall, the original only weighed 200g in contrast to the second phone’s weight of 220g.

State-of-the-art Phone Display

It’s always a bummer if you’re a gamer, but your phone’s screen resolution isn’t even compatible with games that have high definition. Thankfully, Nubia’s Red Magic 6 has solved this issue as it takes the gaming visuals to a higher level. The second of the Red Magic 6 Phone series boasts the world’s very first 165Hz/1ms AMOLED 10-bit HDR display. It is a magnificent screen of 6.8 inches, delivering blur-free, crystal clear entertainment and gaming.

Its color accuracy is also unbeatable. Even for artists, this gaming phone ensures that whatever game you play looks just like how the developer intended. The screen is very responsive and covered with sturdy glass to maximize your experience.

Matching Features – Red Magic 6 vs. ROG Phone 5

Another distinguishable difference between the first and second Red Magic 6 is the fingerprint scanner. Rather than located on the back, it is housed under the display on the latest version. AirTriggers are still included in both gaming devices, though it slightly improved in the Red Magic 6. However, for nearly everything that will impact your life as a gamer or streamer, the Red Magic 6 matches down to the same processor as the ROG Phone 5. The ROG Phone 5 does have some fancy(and expensive) accessories you can buy, but all except the dual-screen are nearly available for the Red Magic 6, which is 1/3 less expensive overall. If you plan on getting the gaming accessories, you’ll easily spend twice as much on the ROG Phone 3 by the time you’re done!

The Most Spec-Heavy Phone For Gaming In 2020

Also, from an overclocked Snapdragon 888, the Red Magic 6 takes pride in Snapdragon 888 Plus, the first mobile phone announced to have this feature. It means that this gaming phone has higher peak clock speeds on the CPU and fifteen percent faster GPU performance.


Possibly the most eye-catching feature of the original Red Magic 6 was its wide array of gaming accessories, and the company continues to update them for its second version. The ICE 6.0 cooling system in the new phone version is equipped with a newly designed 3D vapor chamber. With this, users don’t have to worry about their phone overheating even when they play games for hours.

A new ICE 6.0 cooling system is available for the second version as well, featuring fan blades that were redesigned to deliver better airflow into the phone’s aerodynamic system. It will cool your phone effectively even at high loads, and it’s so much quieter, ensuring users a better gaming experience all the time.

Impressive Audio Quality – Red Magic 6’s Superior Dual-Channel Speakers

The Red Magic 6 is equipped with impressive audio capabilities that are perfect not only for playing games but also for watching movies and listening to music. Its powerful front-facing speakers are designed at the end of the device for pinpoint stereo imaging, and it has 24-bit/192KHz audio that comes with high-resolution support.

In addition, Red Magic 6 Pro and standard ensure that you can easily and clearly communicate with other players during in-games with its noise-canceling capability. This way, you can call your team and wouldn’t be distracted by the background noise.

The Most Spec-Heavy Phone For Gaming In 2020


Whether you are a serious, hard-core gamer or enjoy mobile gaming for fun and entertainment, you will love what the Red Magic 6 gaming phone has to offer. With its revolutionary features and specs, there is no doubt to say that the Red Magic 6 review has brought the mobile gaming industry to the next level. Every aspect of the device is made to immerse its player in-game. This is why it’s taken our new spot as the number #1 best overall gaming phone available in the world, nudging out the overpriced Asus ROG Phone 5 and 3.


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