What Makes A Good Gaming Phone?

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What Makes A Good Gaming Phone?

What Makes A Good Gaming Phone

With mobile technology ever increasing, it is not surprising that video gaming has made its way to our little handheld devices.

Now, there are countless games available for download on our favorite mobile gaming phones. Thanks to advances in technology, our little handheld devices are even capable of handling some of the most detailed video games that were only available on gaming consoles or computers, such as League of Legends or Call of Duty.

What Makes A Good Gaming Phone

Features of a Good Gaming Phone

Having said this, not all mobile phones are good to play games on. Although there are plenty of video games that can be played on your gaming phone, even those so-called ancient brick phones, some of the high-end video games, however, can only be played well on phones with certain features. And, it is these certain features that turn a phone into a gaming phone.


The first thing that a gaming phone has is a good central processing unit or commonly known as CPU for short. The CPU of a phone, which can be referred to as the central processor or main processor, works similarly to that of a computer or laptop. The purpose of the CPU is to process all of your phone’s software and apps. This is the brain of the phone that gives instructions to all of your phone’s functions.

The better the CPU or in other words, the more processing your CPU can handle, then the more your games will run smoothly. You should also take note that CPUs can only process one software or app at a time. So, when you are looking out for a good CPU, you should check its processing speed. This is because the higher the speed of processing, then the quicker and easier everything will open and load.


GPU stands for graphics processing unit, so it resembles the CPU. This is like the eyes of the phone because it focuses its function on the graphics aspect, such as images and videos. This is why the GPU is sometimes called the graphics card or video card.

What Makes A Good Gaming Phone

What the GPU does is helps the CPU by taking on the role of processing images and videos. That way, the CPU doesn’t become overloaded or has too many tasks to deal with. The higher bit the GPU has, the better because this means that it can handle bigger pictures or more detailed videos. This, of course, is a good thing for video games as it can allow you to play these games at a much higher resolution and with greater graphic details.


The final thing that you want on a gaming phone is good RAM. This is short for random access memory and is the phone’s short-term memory storage that holds onto the data that the CPU is currently processing. As with the CPU and the GPU, the greater the memory or gigabytes the RAM has, the better your phone will function. If you have a large RAM space, then it will be able to hold more data and you will be able to access that data much quicker because it’s already on hold. If the RAM becomes full, then it will take longer for your phone to load and may even cause your phone to, what gamers refer to as, “lag”.

Which feature is the most important for a gaming phone?

You will receive quite a lot of different feedback when you ask gamers which feature is the most important for a gaming phone. Some may say that it is the RAM to reduce gaming lag. Others will say that it’s the GPU because this directly involves the graphics aspect. Another will say CPU because this is the heart of the phone and without it, video games wouldn’t function properly.

Whichever people think is more important, all phones have these units and a good gaming phone will have a great CPU, GPU, and RAM capacities. So, all in all, you want to look out for a phone with good units such as these. High RAM storage, quality GPU, and up-to-date CPU. Otherwise, having less of one may have a significant effect on your gaming abilities.

The games you play should determine your gaming phone choice

The video games that you want to play will have a huge contribution to your decision of what gaming phone to get or which features to lean more towards. For example, if you love retro games, even if you want to play them at their highest quality, you won’t need a high-end gaming phone. For these and other similar types of games, an average phone will suffice.

When it comes to big games, however, like Mobile Legends and any other high graphic games, then you would want to have a gaming phone that will be able to handle the high video details. Of course, it is never necessary to max out your video game’s graphics, but for gamers, this is what helps them to enjoy the game more fully.

One thing that you can do to help you determine what you will need in a gaming phone is to read the details or requirements of the games that you wish to play. The information chart or table should display, for example, the lowest RAM capacity the game needs in order to be played in the first place. This, as well as other details, will make it easier for you to choose what you want in a gaming phone.

What Makes A Good Gaming Phone


When searching for a gaming phone, your first priority should be to look out for the phones that have a gaming certificate indicator. This tells you that the phone has been checked and passed as an official phone designed for playing video games. These will automatically have great units installed in them.  But, if you just want a regular phone but also want it to be good enough for gaming, then you can consider the features we’ve mentioned to help you choose your ideal regular and gaming mobile device.


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