Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

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Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

Gaming phone has got its popularity right now. A lot of people are spending a good amount of money to have a gaming phone with a sleek design and state of the art features. For this reason, many smartphone manufacturers are making gaming phones that could meet the needs and demands of mobile gamers. 

Razer’s Razer Phone ll is a flagship smartphone that is created to establish a foothold in the growing gaming phone market. This phone is meant to be a gaming phone. For this reason, there are relevant improvements that Razer has made to the audio and screen. Apart from this, there are other helpful additions such as waterproofing. 

Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

As mentioned, gaming phones are becoming more and more popular; thus increasing in number. However, that does not mean that it is increasing in maturity. Gaming computer manufacturers, such as ASUS and Razer, are now turning to smartphones because they can now provide those phones features like high refresh rate screens and HDR. These are what gamers are looking for on both sides of the spectrum. 

True enough, a significant number of highly-capable flagship smartphones still exist. However, these companies are hoping that they will be able to do enough in improving the gaming experience. 

But this year, Razer is not reinventing the gaming phone. Instead, it has added signature features, such as Chroma. It also partnered with mobile game studios. The aim is to optimize games for the Razer Phone ll so that it can stay ahead.

What Has Changed in the Razer Phone ll?

Internally, the Razer Phone ll has a new brain in the form of a Snapdragon 845 chipset, similar to what most Android flagships are using. The chipset is clocked at 2.8GHz and is powered with an Adreno 630 visual chip. 

In addition, the manufacturer scaled-down a version of the vapor chamber cooling technology to cope up with heat dissipation. The said cooling chamber technology is what Razer used on its Blade 15 laptop, keeping it from getting too hot. 

Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

Moreover, a significant upgrade to LTE gigabit antennas for much faster data, 8GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, as well as a massive 4000mAh battery life powers the Razer Phone ll. The device also runs in Android 8.1 with the default Nova Launcher. However, Razer is planning an over-the-air upgrade since Android Pie is now in testing. Notably, a new flagship Android smartphone should not launch with an outdated OS. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the situation here is. 

Of course, gaming phones need content. It is also a fact that the most excellent mobile games are on iOS and not on Android. This remained a fact even when Android has matured and dates of game releases became closer to each other. Despite this, it still has not come out as the leading platform for mobile games. 

Razer is aware of the aforementioned fact. This is the reason why it collaborated with game studios. This way, it will not only optimize their games for the Razer Phone ll but will also release exclusive content in the future. A few of the mobile games that users will be able to access on Razer Phone ll are RuneScape, PUBG Mobile, Marvel Future Fight, and Rival: Crimson x Chaos.

Moreover, one of the biggest upgrades that Razer did for the Razer Phone ll is that it is very much easier to hold now. When the gaming phone was first released, it had an all-edged design that looks like a literal candy bar. This shape is paired with the phone’s huge size, making it the most comfortable phone to hold. Today’s design is almost identical. However, the edges are a little rounded. This gives users a slightly better feel since the edges are no longer pressing into your hand. 

The new model also has a glass back now, which allows it to charge wirelessly. In addition, the Razer Phone ll will work on your own charging mat. Alternatively, you can purchase Razer’s new Chroma $99 charging stand. Such is powered by USB-C that can either lay the phone flat or prop it. 

Razer Phone ll: The Ultimate Gaming Phone Updated for Better Performance

Chroma on a Phone

You probably won’t believe it but it is really happening — Chroma on a phone. Razer replaced its triple-snake logo at the back of the Phone ll with a larger Chroma backlit version. It serves as a notification blinker. It also removed the notification LED from the front. The Chroma supports 16.8 million colors and can use breathe, static, or spectrum cycling lighting modes. 

In addition, there are also some improvements to the 5.7-inch screen. The HDR coverage and brightness improved but was able to keep the 2560 x 1440 qHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. This provided consistent and smooth visuals. Moreover, the upgrade is a pretty display that has a lot of pixels. 

Similar to last year, there are large speakers both at the top and bottom of the screen. Razer believes that the size and position of those speakers are great. This is because they provide the user an area where they could grip the phone. 

Razer also boasts Dolby Atmos support from the two front-facing speakers. In addition, there is a 24-bit DAC over USB-C. Needless to say, the power of the Razer Phone ll is something that is useful for situational awareness in games or even when watching movies. 

Moreover, the company switched to Sony camera sensors that have optical image stabilization.  Both have 12 megapixels, one-wide angle, as well as another regular. 

Final Thoughts

Furthermore, it seems like Razer is taking mobile gaming seriously. With all the aforementioned features and upgrades, there is no doubt that the Razer Phone ll will give users the power for every game. In addition, the features of the phone will surely support mobile games regardless of how heavy it is. 


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