Powerful Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

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Powerful Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

Powerful Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

With the increase in the number of mobile phone video games, it is no wonder that phone companies have been releasing smartphones that are capable of gaming.

You will find that there are even such things as gaming phones. These are smartphones that are specifically designed to play video games on for better precision. The phones that we will mention below is a list of regular smartphones that are powerful or capable enough to play video games on, even the high-end games.

Powerful Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

Phones to Look Out for

These five smartphones from different brands all have great specs that allow them to be great for playing video games on. Naturally, each has its pros and cons. However, we have listed them because each one can offer great game time without you having to spend extra bucks on a certified gaming phone, which tends to be a little more expensive than regular phones.

These phones have yet to be released and will mostly become available at the end of the year. At this time, these are only rumors floating around of what these phone companies have in store in 2020. It is a great thing to learn what these phones are all about and what they can do, though, so that you can better prepare yourself to choose which smartphone will be ideal for both your gaming time and regular phone usage.

Google Pixel 4A

Out of all the five powerful smartphones on this list, the Google Pixel 4A is the most talked about. It has a released date plan for October. This is just a rumor, though, so it may come earlier than expected or later than planned. So far, we know that this phone is supposed to be cheaper than the Pixel 4 and will be available in more countries, such as those that never got the Pixel 4 like India.

Some of the rumored features may be a 5.81-inch FHD+OLED display. The processer is also said to run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 processor. As for the rear camera, it might be a 12.2-megapixel, while the front could be 8-megapixel. Lastly, the battery could be a 3080mAh battery. For now, we are expecting the price range for this phone to be around 400 dollars if we are to make it cheaper than the Pixel 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is another one on this list that is talked about a lot. Samsung Notes have always been a very sophisticated phone, so this is no surprise. This time around, the screen may come out to be flatter than what we are used to, similar to what the Galaxy S20 has.

As per rumors, this Note might come with a Snapdragon 865/Exynos 992 and a whopping 16GB RAM. Its battery capacity is also 4300mAh. The front camera or selfie cam could be Samsung’s 108-megapixel ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor successor, in addition to a couple of more sensors available.

Apple iPhone 12

With Apple’s new iPhone 12, we are expecting to hear a release of four different versions this year. These are the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Max, and 12 Pro Max. Although they will all have their similarities, the difference that each will have is the features. For example, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will have the same 120Hz refresh rate MotionPro displays.

We are also hearing other expected specifications that will be included in these iPhone 12 series, such as the Apple A14 Bionic chipset. We know that there will be three rear cameras with an additional LiDAR sensor to improve the AR features and depth recognition, as well as the flatter bezels on the side, which is similar to what the iPhone 5 and 5S had. An exciting rumor about this is that we might finally see a Navy color option, so we hope this will come through.

Huawei Mate 40

Another great phone brand that we are hearing about is Huawei. They are expected to launch its Mate 40 phablet with Kirin 1000 SoC manufactured by TSMC using 5nm technology. One of these latest rumors about the new Huawei smartphone suggests that at least one lens will have 108-megapixel, plus other sensors for telephoto and wide-angle. It is said that this mystery device might be one of the few Huawei phones that could operate on the company’s own apps rather than one of Google’s apps.

Lenovo Legion Gaming phone

For this one, we are not entirely sure what it will be called, but we are definitely hearing rumors and whispers that a Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone is in the making. This undiscovered handset is expected to have a top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 144Hz refresh rate display, pop up cameras, dual headphone jack, and 5000mAh battery.

There will also be a fingerprint sensor that may be placed on the side of the phone, next to or embedded on the power button. From the looks of things already, this Lenovo Legion Gaming phone is most likely going to compete against the famous Asus ROG Phone 3, which we have heard will also come out at the end of this year as one of the best gaming phones by Asus.


Having the best smartphone for gaming without having to downplay other regular phone functions is a wonderful thing. If you are not an avid gamer but do enjoy playing a game or two, then these, as well as others out there, are the kind of phones that you should consider purchasing. A certified gaming phone has the stuff for pure gaming like the rumored Lenovo. But, for a budget-friendly smartphone that is powerful enough for quality games, then look forward to these five mobile devices in the coming future.


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