The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

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The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

Xiaomi Black Shark is the first gaming phone that the company launched in 2018. Now, with new updates, it continues to carve a name in the industry.

2018 seemed to the year for the gaming world as several smartphones specifically dedicated for gamers had their breakthrough. Different multiple renowned companies launched their spec-heavy, highly-powered handsets. It was also the year when the very first of Xiaomi’s gaming phone was introduced – the Xiaomi Black Shark.

The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

Looking Into the Xiaomi Black Shark

Black Shark is the first liquid-cooled gaming phone in the world. It delivers more power but less heat with twenty times more effective cooling capability than traditional phones. Its liquid-cooling system provides maximum performance both for the GPU and CPU.

When it was first launched in China a couple of years ago, it was regarded as one of the most affordable gaming handsets available. It was introduced by Xiaomi and developed in partnership with Black Shark Technology, which is also known for developing different gaming products.

The Black Shark is an innovative metal phone that comes with an illuminating green logo on the back. With a unique design and an aggressive look, the mobile phone has an unremarkable style. Its six-inch wide full high-definition screen and 18:9 aspect ratio will give you a truly immersive experience while playing your favorite game.

Although improved versions of Black Shark gaming phones are now available on the market, you can still be satisfied with the performance of the original one. Some of its impressive features, accessories, and functions include the following:

Special gamepad for better control

Every gamer knows that touchscreens allow better-aiming precision, but the use of physical controllers are much better for movement. It is hard to have both, but Black Shark Gamepad made this possible.

The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

With the gamepad, gamers can enjoy both worlds as it adds tactile buttons and a control stick while still being able to access the touch screen. It can be connected to the phone using Bluetooth technology, making it easy to carry and simple to use. The gamepad isn’t bought separately, so users can expect it in the box when they get the handset.

Quality videos and stunning photos

The original version of Black Shark is equipped with a dual 20MP+12MP rear-camera setup and a 20MP front camera. Different camera modes are also included, such as Portrait mode, HDR, phase-detection autofocus, and 4K capture along with the dark light enhancement technology. This is helpful so that you can still capture beautiful images regardless of the lighting conditions.

Impressive performance and hardware

When looking for a gaming phone to buy, one of the things to look for is its processor and hardware to know whether it matches your gaming requirements. Well, Xiaomi knows that gaming products are about performance, which is why the Black Shark comes with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and up to 8GB of RAM. Its specs even include an Adreno 630 GPU, ensuring smooth and fast performance each time you play.

If you want to bring its processor to higher speeds while gaming, just turn the Extreme Mode on. This will allow you to take full advantage of the phone’s capacity and resources. Cleaning the RAM is easy and loading times are shortened too.

Impressive phone display and style

Black Shark’s design is definitely impressive but it is not the lightest gaming phone either. It weighs 190g and measures 9.3mm thick. But, with a six-inch screen size, it is easy to hold and carry around. It has a fingerprint scanner on the front below its display as well.

This gaming smartphone has round edges, an s-shaped breathing LED light, and an X-shaped antenna at its reverse side, which helps maximize a wireless network’s signal strength. Furthermore, the screen automatically adapts to the environment’s brightness. It prevents eye strain in low light settings and light is soft to protect your eyes.

The Shark Space

Not only does a Black Shark smartphone look cool, but it is also designed according to gaming players’ preference. If you want to transform your phone into a fully-immersive gaming hub, it can be done in just a flick of a switch.

The First Gaming Phone By Xiaomi

Enter Shark Space by turning on the switch at the left side of the phone and you’ll convert it into a gaming console where notifications can be avoided. This way, you can focus more on your game and won’t have to deal with any distractions from messages or calls. When you do that, your world will be open to unlimited entertainment possibilities. It will allow you to launch your favorite games quickly and keep you from any interference while playing.

Increased performance is guaranteed since the memory is cleared instantly when you enter the Shark Space. If you want to return to your stock Android, simply press the same button. It’s that quick and easy.

Smoother graphics and colors

Some games have more impressive visuals than others and it’s not surprising to find players who prefer games that have realistic graphics. The problem is that not all phones have a good display for these kinds of games.

This problem is solved with Xiaomi Black Shark’s dedicated imaging chipset powered by Pixelworks. It independently processes smoother and clearer graphics than any ordinary phone. Colors are accurate, blacks are darker, and bright colors are even darker. This ensures a more immersive gaming experience.

What’s more, the phone is equipped with Intelligent MEMC technology that corrects blur, jitters, and dropped frames. Once you start playing the same game using this handset and ordinary phones, you will see a clear difference.


Overall, Xiaomi Black Shark is a super-powerful smartphone designed for those who want to switch PC gaming into their mobile phones. It takes pride in its unique features that set it apart from the competition. But, just like other gaming phones introduced early on, it had gone through several updates and improvements over the years. This is why it is now easy to find a few versions of the original Xiaomi Black Shark on the market.


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