A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone

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A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone

A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone

If you are a gamer, then you will certainly agree with having the best gaming device. This, of course, applies to smartphones, as they too are capable of gaming.

Desktop and console gaming has been the mark of a true gamer. These means of playing video games have been the source for most gamers for a long time. After all, gaming consoles are built only for playing games on, while the desktop can easily have the capacity to play games with. However, especially in recent years, the world of gaming has made its way into our phones.

A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone

Gaming on Our Little Screens

As far as phones go, they are unfortunately not on par with desktop and consoles when it comes to gaming. Despite how much development our handheld devices have gone through, it is highly likely that they will ever pass the gaming experience found on desktops and consoles.

This is primarily due to the phone’s small size. In the case of gaming, the bigger the parts of the unit, the better the overall performance. So, certain parts found on consoles and computers will never be able to fit into a handheld device. As much as you might like mobile gaming or prefer it, this is the sad reality.

Gaming phones can be just as good

Having said that, this does not mean that playing video games on your phone is not worth it or is a complete waste of time. Thanks to the development of smartphones and how capable they have become, you can still enjoy the wonders of video games. Whether you are a fan of classic games that don’t require much processing or are into demanding graphic video games, it is now all possible.

Before, there wasn’t formally or officially a gaming phone. It was not until a few years ago that phone brands began to really consider creating phones for the purpose of gaming. And when they did, these phones became powerhouses for playing video games on. Not only that, though, but gaming phones were also great options for having a general phone that was powerful.

The production of gaming phones has actually become a lot popular nowadays that even gaming companies or computer brands like Asus and Razer have joined the gaming phone manufacturing race. These, as well as others, have made a great impact on the gaming world and how available video games are now. So, we will definitely be seeing a rise in gamers purchasing gaming phones.

A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone

The Honor Play Gaming Device

The Honor Play is a gaming phone by Honor. This device boasts quite a number of very powerful builds and is one worthy gaming phone competitor. This phone is stated to be “crazy fast and crazy smart” thanks to its GPU Turbo and AI NPU. The GPU Turbo allows faster and smoother gaming experience by accelerating every touch and interaction during your gaming sessions.

With this GPU, it is said that your phone’s performance will increase by a dramatic 60%. This is great because it will allow you to play better and not have to worry about blaming your phone whenever you lose your matches. Furthermore, the power consumption with this GPU is reduced by a whopping 30%. For a gamer, these benefits, so far, sound brilliant.

As for the AI NPU, this part of the machine can give you intelligent feedback when playing games or taking photos. If you happen to have any AI application, then your AI, the Kirin 970 AI Chipset, will help run these applications much faster. This intelligent feature is one to marvel at. It’s not every day that you can witness your machine talk with other machines and be more effective.

What are its other features?

We already know how great the Honor Play is for gaming. Of course, there are other things that are great about this phone besides its gaming use. The device has a 3750mAh battery unit to help it last much longer than most average smartphones. This might not be a necessity, but as a gaming phone, it is important that the battery life is long. This is because it requires a lot of power usage to play video games, so a long-lasting battery unit would surely make a difference in gaming. One of the most annoying things for any phone user is the battery going flat when you still need it.

Before we move onto the non-gaming features, Honor Play has added a pretty fun gaming effect on their device. Honor Play comes with 4D Gaming Experience with Smart Shock. This means that your phone will vibrate at certain actions during a game, such as shooting, getting shot, or even using an ability. Depending on the game and your settings, the Smart Shock will intelligently match the right vibration feedback.

With this fun system, you can enjoy your mobile gaming more and feel like you are playing on your console or desktop. Additionally, Honor Play also comes with 3D Gaming Sounds Effects. So, you will surely feel like you’re right in the game as well as canceling out any outside noise or disturbing sounds. The last feature we’ll mention is the Player Edition Design. This sleek look for the Honor Play will no doubt attract gamers and pay that extra buck to get a cooler looking phone. Who knows, this extra aesthetic feel might even boost their playing abilities.

A Crazy Fast And Crazy Smart Gaming Phone


Gaming has truly come a long way since the old days. Not only is video gaming just for kids now, but countless adults and even the older generations are turning to games for their source of entertainment. The majority of this is thanks to mobile gaming. Gaming phones may be more for the serious gamer, but their specs are just as jaw-dropping to tempt anyone. If you can handle their price range, then gaming phones like the Honor Play is truly worth the investment.


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