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Mobile gamers these days have a wide array of knowledge in terms of the best phones for their gaming habit. For this specialized list, we will sort them based on the audio prowess of their speakers. We’re not just talking about volume, but also the quality, and the necessity of dual left-right speakers, for those who don’t want to use headphones.

Some of the best gaming phones in the market this 2021 include the Razer Phone 2, Asus ROG, Nubia Red Magic Mars, Xiaomi’s Black Shark, and the Redmi Note 7 Pro. These phones are specifically designed for gaming purposes. These phones are built with AMOLED screens and a processor speed that is excellently fast. They also offer an advanced cooling system with high refresh rates. These phones and their more recent counterparts will be compared for the audiophile quality of their gaming phones ranked via speaker quality.

Top 3 Best Gaming Phones for Speakers


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Smartphones In 2020 Made For Gaming

Asus ROG

The Asus ROG phone is a one of a kind phone offering the best ergonomics, powerful and thoughtful design that you would definitely love. It has 6 inches of AMOLED display that refreshes ninety times every second. Its higher rates of refreshing manifest quick response time and less blur of motion.

It also features innovative kinds of AirTriggers which are pressure sensitive. The phone has dedicated and exciting X mode that will give you highly optimized and exciting gaming experience. This could be even more comfortable with the use of the detachable fan as part of its accessory included in its box. This is perfect for those who wanted to spend long hours in gaming because of its long and high-quality battery life.

Razer Phone 2

This is another well-known gaming phone that doubles a tremendous type of Android phone, even if you don’t want to play a game. It is the only phone for gaming that features wireless charging and IP67 water resistance.

Razer Phone 2 has also marque type of features that you would really enjoy. It has a bright display and refresh rate. It has also loud and clear built-in phone speakers designed best for all mobile gamers.

Nubia Red Magic Mars

Another well-known and commonly chosen mobile gaming phone is the Red Magic Mars. This phone features capacitive kind of shoulder buttons, tremendous gaming mode, and cooling system. Apart from that, this phone is budget-friendly, hence money would not be a problem.

It is a solid phone that you would love to use whenever you choose to play on your phone. It is expected to quickly hit the market because of its upgraded processor and screen.

Smartphones In 2020 Made For Gaming

Xiaomi Black Shark

This gaming phone conveniently comes with a Gamepad that helps it to slide onto the phone. The physical joystick of the phone really makes a big difference in your gaming experience, which has the right and left controller sliding into its end.

It runs close to the Android stock version. It features Android 8.1 Oreo, but when it came out first in the market, it feels that you are just using the Pixel 3. Despite such fact, more and more mobile phone gamers are still considering this phone as the best gaming phone for them.

Best Features to Consider in Gaming Phones

The phones lighting

Black Shark lights up with the four bowtie corners and its logo. Razer also glows with what color you choose. The Red Magic Mars has a long strip of LED light on its back. ROG has a detachable type of fan that lights up depending on what color you choose.

Physical game controls of the phone

Three of the phones mentioned above make use of pressure-sensitive controls that help in improving your gameplay. Black Shark phone and Red Magic Mars features physical switches that initiate game mode to optimize the phone settings, organize mobile games, and protect your gaming sessions from unnecessary interruptions.

Red Magic Mars and ROG features faux type shoulder buttons that are mapped to various actions for games. ROG phone also has a second port of USB-C on its side, hence you can still play your chosen game even if it’s plugged. Other phones charge at its bottom part. Razer Phone 2 does not possess any type of physical features to enhance ergonomics and game control.

The cooling system

These phones additionally have an internal cooling system. This is the best feature of a mobile phone that you should never miss to consider when buying a gaming phone.

ROG and Razer Phone 2 utilize a vapor chamber type of cooling system. This is for the purpose of maximizing the area to disperse heat.

Shark makes use of a liquid cooling system. As the phone gets hotter and hotter, there is a special liquid in the phone that evaporates and aims to collect into cool areas for the chamber to make it cool again. As for the Red Magic, they make use of vapor heat that sink together with the 4 intakes of air to make everything cool.

Fast gaming phone

Each of these phones features tweaks of performance enhancement to give you fast and convenient gameplay. These phones really play close with each other when it comes to their speed. But as far as paper is concerned, Razer has an edge when it comes to gaming performance speed.

The refresh rate display

All phones feature screens that refresh 60 frames every second. For example, the Razer Phone 2 has 120 fps for refresh rates that lead to clear and sharp text with smoother gaming animations. Phones with high rates include highlighting 90 Hz of refresh rates. This is the same as the Razer phones where things are smoother and shapers.

The battery life

Black Shark and Razer Phone 2 has 4,000 mAh battery. The battery of Shark lasted for about ten hours and twenty-five minutes while Razer Phone 2 lasted for ten hours and thirty-one minutes.  It is already an impressive feature of the phone that is perfect for any gaming experience. ROG battery lasted longer for about thirteen hours and forty minutes. This is even more convenient than any other phone.

Smartphones In 2020 Made For Gaming


With the different features of gaming phones this year, it could be very difficult to choose which among these phones is the best. Whatever you choose from among these, the important thing is the fact that you will enjoy playing games with it. Try to consider not only the price but most importantly the features of the phone. Rest assured that when you consider these things, you can always play the best games.

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