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Many gaming phones are specifically designed for Esports, so we will focus and only discuss the best gaming phones for Esports played on a professional level. While these phones are often still affordable, they can still be enjoyed by the enthusiast and even non-gamers alike. What makes these gaming phones stand out is often their technical prowess more so than anything. They often come with additional features or specifications that are downright impressive and turn any phone into a miniature gaming console.

Game developers need to play your games as easily as possible on any device with Internet access. If you are an Android developer, you can build games for any device that runs Android.

Top 3 Best Gaming Phones for ESports


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RealMe GT


What Makes Any Particular Gaming Phone Specifically Designed for ESports?

There are really only a few mechanics that are objectively necessary for a serious contender for ESports gaming at a professional level. Many other additional features would sure be nice, but these are the minimum requirements to be recommended flatly and outright.

  • High Refresh Rate Screen
  • High Polling Rate Screen
  • Easily Accessible Screen Recording and Streaming Software
  • Hardware Capable of Running, Recording, and Streaming Simultanously

You might be wondering what other features would be nice to have, and we will get into that later. These four stand out, as the rest of the specifics we’re talking about here are commonly found on many phones and thus aren’t exactly a problem for most people. The high refresh rate screen is critical as mobile games, especially at the ESports level, are extremely competitive, and every additional visible screen gives a slight edge to the player. This is especially true in many first-person shooter games, as well as most action games.

Deep-Dive: High Polling Rate Screens for Gaming Phones for ESports

Many people confuse the high refresh rate of screens with the polling rate of the screen. This is probably the most common accident for those new to mobile gaming. The polling rate is a different measure of how often the screen itself is scanning for the presence of your fingers touching the screen. Every time you touch even a small part of the screen, the gaming phone doesn’t know you’ve touched it until its scanners detect the presence of your touch. This is why the faster the screen’s polling rate, the faster the phone can respond to your actions, desires, and commands. Clearly, this is ultra-critical for ESports, as in a similar fashion to the high refresh rate, the high polling rate gives a serious advantage to the player. It goes without saying that all professional ESports mobile gamers are all using gaming phones with polling premium rates. This means if your phone doesn’t have a comparable polling rate, you are simply falling behind already.

Gaming Phones for ESports Requirements: Software Functionality and Features

One must ask themselves, how can a shoemaker have no shoes? Similarly, if a tree falls and no one hears it – did it really fall? Applying this meme to the world of gaming phones and ESports, one can surmise: “if you can’t record or stream your gameplay, are you really a professional ESports mobile gamer?” In a sense, no. You can’t monetize your skills or your profession, or even your hobby.

Having the software to record and stream your gameplay is a critical part of having your gaming phone. This is abundantly true if you want to get anywhere near ESports. This is a tricky problem, as many high-quality phones, even those marketed explicitly as gaming phones, do not come with stable software designed to record or stream your gameplay. This is a troubling fact often not found out until it’s way too late and a player is already done setting up their new device and are getting ready to get down for business.

The ESports world requires all gaming phones to come standard with an array of software that allows them to record and stream all gameplay seamlessly. Thus, the gaming phones on this list are specifically mentioned and recommended because they too come with custom software to make this a breeze.

ESports Gaming Phones: Hardware Minimum Requirements

Modern ESports gaming phones are required to play the most modern games, and these games push mobile graphics to the absolute maximum. Simultaneously, these ESports gaming phones are designed to push 144hz of high-speed refresh rates while running the most advanced AAA games’ graphics. On top of that, these phones are required to record each screen as a separate video and even stream that video for others worldwide to view and enjoy.

The minimum hardware requirements of ESports gaming phones are of extreme importance, essentially needing the top-of-the-line mobile processors from either the current year or perhaps one generation before. Currently, the phones listed on this page possess these mobile processors, including a fully functional GPU inside the chip itself. Likewise, the generation of RAM and the volume of RAM are of extreme importance, mostly to handle the multi-functioning happening when someone is playing a game and streaming it simultaneously. The newest RAM is DDR5, but 12Gb of DDR4 RAM is also sufficient. Due to their close physical placement, it’s really only these two aspects that matter. All hard drives used across phones are of the same type of SSD, for the most part, and all possess comparable loading speeds – so you’ll have to make sure you have enough SSD space to hold the variety of games you’ll want to, or need to play.

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