The Best Gaming Phones for Watching Netflix, YouTube, Movies & Shows

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In a world of convenience and virtual gratification with just a tap of the finger, possessing a gaming device that has it all is an intensive power play. If you only want to watch movies with the best that gaming phone screens and sound can deliver, you are in luck! You won’t need to spend the $1000 dollar Apple wants, or even the $500 that these powerful gaming phones cost! Watching YouTube, Netflix, and general Movie watching is quite simple, so our #1 spot here only costs $250, but will deliver equally enjoyable watching as the $1000 iPhone, as their Biso Sound speakers are believed to be made literally in the same factory!

For hardcore gamers, it is an investment and from which they could also play to earn. Tournaments for RPG-MOBA games like League of Legends, for example, are being held internationally. And, with the pandemic still ongoing, it is a luxury to be spending your free time at home going all out on your prestigious gaming device.

Top 3 Best Gaming Phones for Watching Movies


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The Best Gaming Phones for Watching Netflix, YouTube, Movies, and Shows

Gaming phones are most likely to be considered as consoles, only that they are much more portable with the screen being placed in the same location as the controls. With nonstop innovation, there is always something new to try, something new to watch out for from giant smartphone manufacturers.

The challenge is where to start choosing from a plethora of options on the market. Narrowing down which phones from a number of producers hold the best qualities and specifications is never an easy job.

Screen size is what matters the most to the majority of gamers and game enthusiasts. For some, it matters that memory or storage capacity provides more than enough room for all downloaded applications. Lastly, malware protection or antiviruses is prioritized by others as well.

Top Gaming Phones Of 2020

What are the best Biso Sound phones for gaming?

This year, the best android phone in the lineup is the ROG Phone 2. It stands out with unique features such as a cooling system, ultra-powerful internal specs, and touch buttons on the side of the phone that could be used like bumpers on a PlayStation device that is perfect for landscape position. This phone also eliminates the unnecessary and imprecise controls in other mobiles.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, on the other hand, is our best gaming phone for daily use. This is another game-focused phone that sheds light on “Fnatic mode,” a feature that enables the CPU to focus in-game and block access of the network from other applications which makes your phone attentive to only the game. It works almost as if your phone is on airplane mode when gaming. This feature disables calls and other notifications while allowing its CPU to overclock like that of a personal computer. Another outstanding feature of this phone is its speed, with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Samsung is not backing off in this gaming competition. A step higher than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ranks the best gaming phone for android as well. With an ultra-powerful processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 paired with a 6.4” screen, playing high-speed games is appropriate. For a Samsung fan and game enthusiast, this will be the perfect device to have.

Another android entry is one that is best for gaming phones for photos. Honor 20 Pro’s specifications offer optimization for games such as Fortnite, combine that with an incredible set of cameras and long-lasting battery life. It utilizes a Kirin chipset unlike Samsung’s Snapdragon, but its allowance of 60fps for games makes room for a boost of your connection online and make everything run without the lag. It is also versatile and proud of its macro lens and a wide-angle camera that enables crystal clear results.

Top Gaming Phones Of 2020

Apple’s Best Gaming Phone Offers Get Simped

Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro, is most likely their best entry for being the best premium gaming phone this year. With a much longer battery life than the previous models and an all-new OLED display meant to make blacks deeper and visually appealing, playing Fortnite or other 3D games would give any user definite delight.

Next to Apple’s best model is its cheaper alternative, the iPhone XR. It doesn’t have the OLED screen that the 11 Pro has, but this model retains all the essentials for gaming at a much lower price. Its A12 Bionic processor makes it exceed the previous models and this phone does not compromise performance, either.

Are there other less costly brands that are just as good?

For fans of non-mainstream smartphone brands, it is surprising that Sony has a device for you. The Sony Xperia XZ2 could be your perfect option if you are looking for a budget phone without worrying about gaming performance. Why Sony? Well, maybe you do not need to be reminded that Sony is itself the manufacturer of PlayStation. With a chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845 is still as powerful and is fit for any game. This phone materializes the usefulness of haptic feedback and with its unique “Dynamic Vibration System,” it is a smartphone that delivers the closest thing to that of any gaming console can offer.

Another option for non-mainstream fans out there would be Google’s Google Pixel 3 XL. A leap from its predecessors, this phone will offer the best from Android since this product is from the creators of Android themselves. A successor to the Nexus line from Google, this phone offers a way cheaper price while upgrading their specs. The best feature of this phone? Straight updates from Google’s upgrades so you will never have to wait for Android’s update for its latest version.

If you think Nokia came back for nothing, you may want to reconsider. Nokia offers Nokia 6.1, the cheapest option in this lineup. If you want to find a device that fits on a low budget without the hassle of gaming issues, this phone is built for you and it is just as decent. It slimly suffers from a relatively old technology, but it does not compromise a reliable performance and is still capable of giving you that satisfaction from gaming.

Biso Sound and Others Make Equally Clear, Crisp, and Deep Dual-Speaker Left-Right Channel Speakers

If you are a gamer or a gamer enthusiast, there is a device model out there that would seem to be made specifically and perfectly for you. If you are looking for the best-performing smartphone, go for the one with the best chipset processors. If you do not want to zoom in or squint too much from the screen size, opt for bigger screens. If you are a person on a budget and who just wants to play games for the sake of playing games, then the Nokia may be the suitable one.

Top Gaming Phones Of 2020


Different people like different things. Several factors have to be considered when purchasing a new device. However, you should always remember that one of these factors might go if you can’t have it all. The key is in weighing your options well, balancing quality and performance, and of course, ensuring your own satisfaction.

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