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The gaming phones available on the online market are constantly in flux, but this Top 10 Gaming Phones List will serve you well. We promise to keep this ultimate comparison of gaming phones updated as time goes on. We will sort these gaming phones on a unique type of “overall”, as we will be focusing more on the best “bang” for the buck. Obviously, the most powerful gaming phones are going to be towards the top of this list, but they will also be more expensive. We find that some of these phones are needlessly overpriced, compared to alternatives that have the same raw power, for often half the price.

Top 10 Gaming Phones Overall 2021


  • Great Product and High Quality
  • Un-Beatable Prices, Especially Online Today
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RedMagic 6 Pro, 5G



  • Great Product and High Quality
  • High Prices, Especially Online Today
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  • Affordable Prices, Especially Online Today
  • Great Customer Service Response inside Livechat and Email
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RealMe GT


Where To Buy Gaming Phones?

We have seem similar trends across the technology industry overall, namely with graphics cards, but there are massive shortages across the world for anything worth buying. Some people blame miners, some people blame scalpers, but as these certainly absolve blame(and make for nice headlines) – we find it’s simply not the case. The issue is raw demand. More people than ever before are financially able and willing to buy gaming phones, as well as many other tech products.

Over the past two decades, many parts of the world have been lifted out of poverty and brought into the connection that is the global marketplace, and these countries have benefitted massively, often with the creation of massive middle class families. We will avoid the often painful politics around the subject, and we will not comment on why certain other countries have seen the destruction or degradation of their middle class. We’re tech reviewers, not political scientists, or economists. However, when demand doubles and production only grows 20%, you don’t need a degree to figure this one out. If anything, the scalpers are the proof of this theory, as they wouldn’t bother buying gaming phones, or graphics cards, if they didn’t think they could sell it at a profit.

Where Can I Buy A Gaming Phone?


Most websites that sell gaming phones are most likely out of the gaming phones you want to buy. This is why we discussed the problems, as they aren’t going anyway – and will likely only get worse with time. But now let’s discuss the solutions to where you can buy a gaming phone. Ask yourself, if all these tech products are made in China, and Chinese scalpers are a new class of middlemen standing in the way of you buying a gaming phone – why sit back and wait? Yes, you’re going to have to beat them to the punch and join in the Chinese markets to grab the gaming phones while you can, before they buy them first.

Experts Take: How to, and Where to Buy a Gaming Phones on Ali-Express

Luckily, this is quite easy if you know where to look. Ali-Express is one of the major leading marketplaces that has streamlined the process of selling gaming phones, and many other product, to an international market. Ali-Baba is the bulk-version of the company, which you have probably heard of in the news.

Luckily for us, Ali-Express has made buying a gaming phone in today’s market still possible, although it’s very tricky. Even using the site, navigating the filters, and ignoring the mass of products that gets picked up by it’s algorithm – is no small task. This is why we have done the research for you, and filtered out the many sellers and resellers who don’t have a positive or even a long history of selling on the site.

It’s closest American counterpart is actually more like Ebay. Many people like to assume it’s just a Chinese Amazon, but that’s not the case. While it’s a half-truth, it’s a dangerous half-truth. There are major, billion dollar companies who sell billions of dollars of product through the site. However, there are also many more individuals and Chinese small businesses that operate on the platform. Obviously, some of these are going to be nefarious are worst, or just morons at best.

Why Buy A Gaming Phone?

Let’s just be thankful that its actually an option to begin with, and this serves as our last and final hope of actually buying a real gaming phone in today’s market. If you follow the links to any of the phones we list here, you will find(hopefully) that the phone is still available to buy. We actively maintain our list to have not only vendors that are reputable and trustworthy, but also have the product in stock. The lack of stock is still a major, major problem on Ali-Express, as it is everywhere else across the internet.

Buying a gaming phone is still a great idea, if for no other reason than because you can get a powerful phone with better specs than the latest iPhone, but for less than half the price. Better yet, the vendors we list here have been vetted to ensure they have the Ali-Express Custom Satisfaction Guarantee, wherein even if something rediculous happens, like the product simply never arriving, you will get your money back 100%. Unfortunately, the “cost” of this is dealing with the shipping from China. It can take as little as 2 weeks, if you pay for the premium fast shipping – but that isn’t covered in the Refund Guarantee, obviously.

What Makes The Best Gaming Phones So Powerful or Popular?

The absolute most powerful, and the best gaming phones, often carry the Snapdragon 888, a chip so modern and powerful, it’s only found in the top of the line traditional smart phones that carry a price of $1500 or more, like the Samsung Galaxy S21. Thermal cooling is also a major issue for people who run hardcore software, like games, on their phone. Not only can an overheating phone experience thermal throttling, slowing down the frames per second of it’s performance; but it can literally burn your hand if your holding it in the middle of an important gaming match.

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